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Fast & Easy Ways To Update TomTom GPS Map Device

Do you own a TomTom GPS device? If you do, then you probably know that you have to update it once in a while. Updating the map really is simple and fast using this latest TomTom GPS update service, which makes the process even easier. In this article we’ll review what options are available to update your current GPS map device, as well as give you some advice on how to choose the best map update option for your needs.                                            Update Now               Why do I need to update my TomTom maps? Considering that most GPS devices are installed in cars, it's important to keep them updated with the latest maps. If you want your GPS device to function properly, it's critical that you update it regularly. In addition to ensuring that your device is as accurate as possible, updating the map will also help you avoid traffic jams and accidents on the road. How often should I update my TomTom maps? The best time to update your maps is when you

How To Post Items On Facebook Marketplace

Most people already know how to use Facebook to upload crazy animal videos or post pictures of their yeast experiments.

Posting items for sale in local groups is just as easy. Just post directly to your group's page and upload an image. Most sales groups just have a super simple sales form that includes items, prices, categories, and photos.

Include as many points as possible about the item: dimensions, defects, whether you are delivering and whether it is large enough to require a delivery van. As a buyer, there's nothing more annoying than slowly digging through the comments below.

You can advertise in multiple groups (unless prohibited by the rules), but it is polite to mention that you advertise elsewhere.

Conveniently, when you post your ad, all your Facebook friends who are also members of the group should see the post in their feeds. Users can also tag friends who may be interested. Don't worry about spamming all your friends with ads for junk espresso machines and hamster cages, though. If the group is closed, only members can see the ad.

Publishing to Facebook Marketplace is even easier.

1. Click the Marketplace icon, and then click the Create New Listing button. Select the item type, then take photos of your items (you can select multiple from the gallery) and upload them by clicking the "Add Photos" option.

You can also learn, Best time to post content on Facebook.

2. Enter the product name, description and price. As with selling through a group, include all relevant details to generate interest. Then set the asking price.

3. Select an item category. Buyers can also filter the list by this.

4. Confirm your location. (This is how buyers browse for items on the marketplace.) Don't worry, it won't show your exact address, just an approximate location.

As a final step, if you want to maximize the visibility of your item, you can also choose to post to a specific buy and sell group you belong to, while also being listed on the marketplace.

All your listings for sale are stored under the "Your Listings" tab, including any offers and messages you receive from interested buyers.

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